The Course - Subjects

"International Management Studies in the Baltic Sea Region (BMS)"

(Formerly  "Baltic Management Studies")

  • is a 4-year International Management degree course, which focusses on the Baltic Sea Region (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Norway, Russia, Sweden)
  • is taught in English; in addition you'll learn a 2nd foreign language of one Baltic Sea Region Country (Norwegian, Polish, Russian or Swedish)
  • is highly practice-oriented due to 13-week pre-study practical before you join, guest lectures, working on real projects, organization of special events, national and international excursions, one semester abroad is mandatory (either as study or internship semester), an obligatory 20-week internship and finally a dissertation on international topics.

The initial 4 semesters of our programme introduce students to general business administration such as Cost Accounting, Economics, Mathematics and Law and focusses on International Management, Corporate Finance and the History and Development of the Baltic Sea Region.


Students have to chose in the 5th and 6th semester 2 of 4 Majors, so that they can deepen their skills. The students can gain the competences of the following fields:

  • Management and Innovation,
  • International Finance and Trade,
  • Markets and Communications as well as
  • German Law.

Curriculum / Course Description

Curriculum (Bachelor of Arts)
valid as of winter semester 17/18
Curriculum (Bachelor of Arts)
valid as of winter semester 13/14
Curriculum (Bachelor of Arts)
valid as of winter semester 10/11 until winter semester 12/13
Course Description
valid as of WS 13/14
Course Description
valid as of WS 10/11 until WS 12/13