“A place for everything,
everything in its place.”

Benjamin Franklin

The Hanseatic town of Stralsund is located in the north-east of Germany right on the shores of the Baltic Sea. It today is home to 53,000 people and belongs to the federal state of Mecklenburg- Western Pomerania. Stralsund can look back on more than 800 years of eventful history, which may be traced by studying the varied architecture – ranging from well-preserved medieval buildings (included in the UNESCO World Heritage List) to modern industrial premises.

Not only does Stralsund itself have a lot to offer to tourists, it is also the ideal starting point for day trips to Germany’s largest island, Rügen, with its lagoons sandy beaches and international harbour of Mukran and to the islands of Darß and Usedom, which are popular holiday resorts on the Baltic coast.

Via Rügen, Stralsund may also become your gateway to Scandinavia and the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, if you go by ferry.

Although Stralsund is situated in the north-eastern corner of Germany, it has Berlin and Hamburg within easy reach (less than three hours by train or motorway), two cities that have been ranked at the top among the world’s most beautiful cities. Furthermore, the city of Rostock can be reached in less than one hour by train; a lovely city with an international harbour and fantastic opportunities to do some shopping or just to stroll along the sea. 

Stralsund offers an amazing number of cafés, clubs and bars, where students can spend pleasurable hours together with friends at affordable prices.

Clubs & Bars

Black Pearls (Food Lounge & Bar)
Ossenreiyerstraße 7 (Hinterhof), 18439 Stralsund

Campus (Pub & Sky Sports bar)
Mönchstraße 40, 18439 Stralsund

Casino Bar 24
Passage am Bahnhof, 18439 Stralsund

Coconuit Erlebnisbar
Wasserstraße 18,18439 Stralsund

KULTurschmiede (Event Gastronomie)
Langenstraße 24b, 18439 Stralsund

Meltdown Metalclub
Frankendamm 40, 18439 Stralsund

n8chts (Bar - Club - Lounge)
Grünhufer Bogen 13-15, 18437 Stralsund

PAPA's 511
Wasserstraße 9, 18439 Stralsund

Sky Sportbar
Heilgeiststraße 64, 18439 Stralsund

T1 - Erlebnisbar
Heilgeiststraße 64, 18439 Stralsund

Wallenstein Schänke
Mühlenstraße 14, 18439 Stralsund


8cht vorne - Student Pub
An der Fährbrücke 3, 18439 Stralsund

Ben Gunn
Fährstraße 17, 18439 Stralsund

An der Fährbrücke 8, 184439 Stralsund

Zur Fähre
Fährstraße 17, 18439 Stralsund


Brasserie Grand Café
Neuer Markt 2, 18493 Stralsund

Café am Markt
Alter Markt 14, 18439 Stralsund

Café Gumpfer
Am Ozeaneum, 18493 Stralsund

Café Hühnergott
City Hall Passage, 18439 Stralsund

Café Kelm
Böttcherstraße 31, 18439 Stralsund

Café Knieper Eck
Schillstraße 34, 18439 Stralsund

Kaffeehaus Apollonienmarkt
Apollonienmarkt 10, 18439 Stralsund

Kaffeehaus Strahl
Mönchstraße 46, 18439 Stralsund

Sportgaststätte Anpfiff
Karl-Marx-Straße 11, 18439 Stralsund