Right next door you will find our library, which to date holds more than 100,000 media. Literature on all fields of study offered by the FH is available, and the library catalogue can be accessed 24/7 via the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) from wherever you are.

But of course you can also do your research or work in peace and quiet at one of more than 80 workstations dispersed over the library. 


Located in Building 5, right in the middle of the campus, is our refectory, which also serves as the largest lecture theatre (Audimax) on special occasions. It not only provides you with a warm lunch or a snack for in-between, but also hosts the legendary “Mensa Party”, our “Prom Night” and many other events that we can highly recommend to you.

But back to the food. During the lunch break between 11:00 and 14:00 you can choose from at least three freshly cooked meals, including a vegetarian one. If you are not hungry enough for that, you can mix your personal salad at the salad bar or drop by our newly renovated cafeteria.  You cannot miss it. It is in the same building and offers a wide range of hot and cold snacks and drinks. The payment can be done cash-free with your FH-Card, which everybody receives on their first day at the University.

Actual menu (in German only)


If you are done learning, consider the choice of sports you could do right on the campus. We have a stadium, a gym and a fully equipped exercise room, which are all open to students and staff.

Besides, the FHSG Stralsund (University Sports Club Stralsund) offers you a wide variety of sports. Whether basketball, volleyball, fighting sports or something else, there is a suitable option for everybody. For €15 a year, every student can take part.

As it is right and proper for a University at the coast, we have an aquatic sports club. With the Hochschul-Wassersportverein Stralsund e.V. you may obtain a driver’s license for sport boats and after completing the course, will be allowed to use the club’s own dinghies or join a trip on the “Fram”, the university’s yacht.

No wonder our motto is:
“Study where others spend their holidays.”