Why do we organise international excursions?

Doing business internationally means knowing about different cultures, speaking at least one major international language and respecting the rules of conduct of the countries concerned.

Study trips / Excursions not only combine theoretical expertise in special fields with practical experience, they will also prepare students for the competitive international labour market, as they will improve:

Professional competence
Intercultural competence
Linguistic competence
Rhetorical competence
Social competence

With Baltic Management Studies, all lectures and seminars are taught in English. One study semester or the mandatory internshipsemester have to be spent abroad, and the international excursions are the preparation of the former.

Destinations comprise:

  Frankfurt/Main, Germany  
Berlin, Germany Vienna, Austria Stockholm, Sweden
Brussels, Belgium Frankfurt/Main, Germany Stockholm, Sweden
Lübeck, Germany    
Bangladesh, Singapore Frankfurt/Main, Germany Riga-Tallinn-Vilnius, Baltic States

Shanghai, China Frankfurt/Main, Germany
New York, USA Shanghai, China
India London, GB
Gdansk, Poland New York, USA Vietnam
Zürich, Switzerland
2001 - 2009 
Berlin, Germany
(2002, 2009)
Copenhagen, Denmark
(2002, 2009)
Dubai (2005)
Gdansk, Poland (every year) Kaliningrad, Russian Federation (2001) India (2007)
London, GB (2004, 2005) New York, USA (2006, 2008) Nykoebing, Denmark
(2002, 2005)
Paris, France (2003, 2006) Riga-Tallinn-Vilnius, Baltic States (2004) Shanghai, China
(2002, 2009 )
Vienna, Austria (2008) St. Petersburg, Russian Federation (2002,2004, 2006, 2008) Zürich, Switzerland (2004)