Double Degree

We have DOUBLE DEGREE AGREEMENTS with the following institutions:

Kymenlaakso Polytechnic  (Finland) Kymenlaakso Polytechnic
 Vilnius Gediminas Technical University  (Lithuania) Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
 Technical University of Gdansk  (Poland) Technical University of Gdansk


Procedure & instructions
1. Have a careful look at the DOUBLE DEGREE AGREEMENT between both institutions
2. Contact the person responsible, i.e. at the Fachhochschule Stralsund the country tutor in charge
3. Choose the lectures you have to attend (which are listed in the agreement), bearing in mind the necessary overall amount of 30 ECTS / 45 credit points (depending on the agreement) per semester
  You must choose modules in accordance both with the course curriculum and with the requirements of the Double Degree Agreement in question.
  Modules can be chosen only from the same or higher semesters (e.g. if you are in your 4th semester, you may only choose modules offered for the 4th or higher semesters)
4. Fulfil all necessary steps during your exchange period abroad (that means at the host university, where you would like to obtain the 2nd final award)
5. Pay attention to the formalities set by the study offices ('Studienbüro')  in both countries


Double Degree in France

Hey, I’m Patrizia, I’m in my 5th semester of BMS and I am doing a year abroad in the South of France, Montpellier. Here at the Sup de Co Business School, I have the opportunity to do my French degree within one year in the framework of a partnership program with our university. Therefore I had to take fixed subjects which I can take into account afterwards at the FH. A great advantage is that we could choose between English and French classes. In my case I have chosen the English version. There is no difference between the content of the courses. Just the language differs. The way of teaching is nearly similar to the way in Stralsund. We have a lot of presentations and assignments to do.  What I really like is that we have a great diversity in our class, nearly every nation is represented. In my class I am often sitting between Caribbean and Chinese people.

To make my life here a little easier I receive money from Erasmus and extra accommodation allowance from the French government. Supplementary you also have the possibility to apply for “Auslands-BaföG”. 

Coming to the region, south France is just beautiful. Nizza, Monaco and Barcelona are not far away. Sometimes you have luck and the summer comes again in November. Like Yesterday we had about 25 degree in Montpellier in the beginning of November.  Me and my friends, we went to the beach, which is easy reachable in 30 minutes via Bus for one euro. The people here love food and vine. During the summer there are a lot of festivals on the road. I already visited a festival of soup and a festival for international food. It was just awesome.

To sum up, I am very glad about my decision to come to the sup de co and doing my double degree here. 


Place de la comedie, the most popular place in Monptellier.

Place de la comedie, the most popular place in Monptellier. 

A concert during the “estivales”,

A concert during the “estivales”, a festival for international food. It takes place every Friday from June till beginning of September.